"It was never my intention to have a Sanctuary for Wolves and Wolf-dogs. However, my experience is that there are
no accidents, and even coincidences may be best described as situations in which God chooses to remain anonymous."


Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary gratefully appreciates all of the photos and videos provided over the years for use here by so many volunteers and visitors that we are not able to recognize individually.

Additionally we thank Courtneay Freeman-Zadrowski, our previous volunteer web master, for her time and creative talents.

Other photographs have been generously contributed by, but not limited to,

  • Karen Sachar
  • Terry Hyde
  • Patti Pheiffer
  • Brigid LeFevre
  • Ronen Gazit
  • Linda Bilides
  • Tyler Kirchoff, Wildcard Photography
  • Christie Stryk, Gentle Bear Photography